"My favorite thing about working with Dustin has been his complete commitment to figuring out a plan that will work for me. Not generic "health and fitness" advice, but a workout I'll actually do three times per week and that will actually see results. After only a month of weekly sessions I actually discovered muscles in my legs! I can lift heavy things! I can do more than one push-up without crying! This is all a very big deal. My second favorite thing about Dustin is that he's actually a joy to be around. Friendly and kind, I look forward to our sessions, even though I want to cry the next day. I can't possibly recommend him enough. He has the knowledge and experience to be the perfect fitness partner, without all the personal trainer cliches."
- Marian

"After having a 70lbs weight loss Dustin has been instrumental in helping me not only maintain my weight, but making me stronger and more toned. He develops personalized plans for each client so he is really focusing on what you want and your goals.  I have also been really impressed by his passion, work ethic, and the results he has been able to achieve with his other clients. It is easy to tell when you meet him just how much he cares about each person he works with and helping them to achieve their ultimate goals. He is not intimidating at all and very easy to get along with. I actually look forward to the time I spend with him every week, which is saying a lot since he is working me out the whole time. Anyway I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to lose weight, build muscle, or just preparing for an event."
- Emily

"I highly recommend Dustin as a personal trainer. He’s focused, supportive, knowledgable, and adjusts his style and efforts based on the unique needs of each individual. He’s made a big difference in my fitness program and helped me achieve my goals. I always look forward to my workouts with Dustin!"
- Katy

"I had worked with several personal trainers in the past and was simply not impressed.  I had several issues before I started working with Dustin:
  • I was young and having back issues that weren't going away from a few exercises.
  • I was in descent shape but wanted to get in better shape.
  • I did not want to develop a life where I paid someone to work out with me so I would work out.
Before meeting Dustin, I was concerned about how to voice those issues. To my surprise, he had me figured out in 20 minutes and cut to the chase.  He could tell I wanted results with a no BS approach and focused every sentence on those results.  No pushing for additional sessions.  No prescription of special back exercises for the rest of my life.  And he directed all efforts to getting to a point where I didn't need to work with him for the rest of my life to address these issues.  

We executed six week plans where we would monitor results.  Within three months, I had accomplished my goals. Three months!  15 years of these issues and I had them fixed in 90 days! No need to waste money on training unless we are truly working towards something.  Talk about impressive."
- Alex

"I had tremendous success with Dustin as my personal trainer. He took a holistic approach to my improvement, and during our training sessions didn’t just focus on the exercises we were doing. He gave me book recommendations to read, app suggestions to download, and encouraged me to look into various forms of exercising. For example, he didn’t judge me when I told him I didn’t like running, and instead encouraged me to find something that I would stick with. I truly felt as though he tailored his recommendations to what was going to work best for me, and really cared about my long term success."
- Danielle